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Should we close outdated, abandoned questions?

I recently watched Joel Spolsky - Cultural Anthropology of Stack Exchange and I picked up a couple of things.

1) StackExchange network is not here to service the question asker but those hundreds/thousands of users that have the same question and are looking for the answer.

This is why we have the too localized close reason. If it only helps the question asker and no one else then its not welcome here on SE.

2) Those asking questions about old versions or legacy code, those question are only likely to help them and no one else as generally people use the latest up-to-date version of code possible. These question should then be closed as too localized.

So if I come across a question on our network that is asking about help that is clearly for an older version of WordPress or Plugin, and given what I now know about above, would it be acceptable for me to close these questions as too localized?

Obviously I wouldn't close questions that had accepted answers with high view counts as these questions are obviously doing their job of helping the masses of users.


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