So I just spend 5 minutes answering a question, and the user promptly removed it. ( How to implement jquery-ui autocomplete into custom fields? )

I feel like my answer was a waste of time. What's is up with that, are there no rules for closing questions?


Moderators can undelete a question. To request an undelete action flag any other question of this user and ask the mods. Or ask in chat.

After reading the question more carefully I see the user had a typo in his code: jqeury. This may have been reason why it hasn’t worked. And since we have already many questions about jquery-ui and autocomplete I think it is not needed to undelete this question.

You may take a look into the other questions to find a good place for your answer.

  • I don't really care I was just wondering how it worked, thanks. – Wyck Apr 1 '12 at 19:00

I think question can only be easily deleted by asker until it has upvoted answers.

After that it's normal mechanics.

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